Hypocrisy is a Disease

You claim to care about and have unwavering support for our military, and yet you support a President who has insulted veterans and gold-star families on multiple occasions.

You claim to care about children — firm in your anti-abortion stances and going on tirades about alleged celebrity pedophile rings and human trafficking in the US — and yet, children being locked in cages and separated from their parents doesn’t seem to faze you.

You argue that Black men are often killed by police for resisting arrest or not complying, but stay quiet about the multiple instances of white men doing the same thing and living to tell the story, unscathed.

You scream from the rooftops about the sordid pasts of every Black man killed by law enforcement to prove some kind of point about them being bad people who deserved it, but fail to mention examples like Breonna Taylor, an essential worker and upstanding citizen who was unarmed and asleep when shot and killed by police.

You say you love our country and wholeheartedly respect the American flag, but have no issue with it being used as a symbol of hate by those who have racist and violent beliefs.

You are outraged by riots and looting and tell folks they have completely botched their message by resorting to acts of destruction and violence, but you’re equally angered by the silent and respectful protests, too.

You love to talk about Black on Black crime and how dangerous and violent Black people are and yet, never seem to mention that a VAST majority of mass shooters are White.

You claim the ‘left’ are all liberal crybaby snowflakes who are offended by everything and are the leaders of cancel culture, but the second a professional sports team or a brand declares an anti-Trump or anti-racism stance, you boycott them and publicly bash them online.

You often talk about respecting the law and police officers, but when the government asks you to cover your nose and mouth with a small piece of fabric to PREVENT PEOPLE FROM DYING you have a conniption and deem it “government control.”

You despise how the Democrats seem to worship the “Hollywood elite” and celebrities, but belong to a party that dons Trump flags and head-to-toe MAGA gear and has a cult-like obsession with the former celebrity/reality show star-turned-POTUS.

You poke fun at the way Joe Biden talks; noting his disorientation and the way he stumbles on words, and yet stay completely mum when your President does the exact same thing.

You believe you are the party of Christian values and support a President whose actions are everything but.

You complained when people took to the streets to respectfully protest police brutality, asking “don’t these people have jobs?” or telling them to stay out of your town, but didn’t seem to have an issue with pro-cop or pro-Trump parades or protests demanding that our government open up restaurants and barber shops.

You are enraged at rioters/looters for “disrespecting businesses” and yet have people in your party who scream at and degrade grocery store workers when they are politely asked to put a mask on.

You were shocked and appalled at the lyrics of Cardi B’s song, “WAP” but didn’t have the same reaction when you heard your President on video saying he could grab women by their…. well, you know.

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You go to bat for Melania Trump; defending her when the press is critical of her or the media is particularly harsh, but were unbothered when people called Michelle Obama an ape, a man, or depicted her as an “angry Black woman.”

It’s almost as if you cherry-pick your outrage or the things you care about to fit a certain narrative, as long as it supports the message and agenda of your party.

Your hypocrisy is showing.

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