I texted a friend the other day — a good friend that I’ve known since college but barely get to talk to much these days. “I miss you!” I told her, followed by something I feel like I write a lot these days.

“Can we catch up soon?”

She wrote back, and so we went back and forth listing our schedules. …

I wrote about how I felt the day after he won.

A year later, I came back to write about what my experience was like on Election Day 2016. (Spoiler alert: was not good. 0 out of 10. Would not recommend.)

Occasionally I’d fill you in on how I was feeling the first and second years of his presidency, and I think you can guess what the overall sentiment was. It’s the same sentiment I held onto all four years he was in the White House:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Disappointment
  • Bewilderment
  • Rage

…to name a few.

I’d be lying to you…

My house is cleaner.

I’m more relaxed.

More productive.

More active.

Dare I say…happier?

Happy? In this climate?? How does one go about finding this happiness I speak of?

Well, for me, it was simple. Set an alarm.

I know, I know: what a concept. But something happened to me about a month ago and I realized that I had a lot of problems, stressors and time management issues in my life….

And I was to blame.

The thing is, I didn’t know I was to blame. I blamed my Microsoft Outlook Calendar which is jam-packed every single weekday with…

You claim to care about and have unwavering support for our military, and yet you support a President who has insulted veterans and gold-star families on multiple occasions.

You claim to care about children — firm in your anti-abortion stances and going on tirades about alleged celebrity pedophile rings and human trafficking in the US — and yet, children being locked in cages and separated from their parents doesn’t seem to faze you.

You argue that Black men are often killed by police for resisting arrest or not complying, but stay quiet about the multiple instances of white men doing…

Hey! I got engaged recently; did you hear? (UM YES ALLISON, WE KNOW). Also, this is exclusively a wedding-themed blog now. Sorry.

Kidding! It’s bad enough I don’t even recognize myself lately — for example I’ve been watching marathons of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” on Hulu, WHO AM I?!?! — but I certainly don’t need to inundate you all with real-time updates as I plan my upcoming wedding. And yes, UPCOMING — as in, this fall.



But I am in the thick of planning this shindig and as someone who NEVER:

  • Thought about planning a wedding

“You want me to run out and get you breakfast?”

We hadn’t gone food shopping in a while, so our fridge was pathetically empty. No half and half for coffee, no eggs, expired turkey bacon.

“Suuuuuuure, if you’re going to the bagel place I’ll take my usual,” I told him.

Whole wheat everything bagel with cream cheese.

I love that breakfast so much, in fact, I decided to take to Instagram to post about it:

IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER? Well, yeah. Turns out there was.

Leo and I were heading into Manhattan for “Valentine’s Day plans” which consisted of going…

Don’t tell me not to live
Just sit and putter
Life’s candy and the sun’s
A ball of butter
Don’t bring around a cloud
To rain on my parade

It doesn’t matter what it is — could be a sporting event, a reality TV show or movie franchise, a certain hobby or trend — there’s always going to be someone that makes a bold declaration about it. You’ve all heard it:


I saw it recently during the midterm elections — people all over the internet letting us know how obnoxious and uninteresting our “I Voted!” posts…

Let’s get one thing out of the way quickly: I have repeatedly said in the past few years that I wanted jury duty.

An excerpt from an old blog post of mine:

Whenever I said this to anyone, I was usually met with the following reactions (or some variation of them):

“What? Why would anyone WANT jury duty?”

“You’re so weird.”

“Most people try to get out of it, and you WANT it?”

And I’m here today to tell you: I was wrong.

I didn’t want jury duty.

I wanted to be a juror.

I was mailed a summons for…

My friends are goals, your friends are faux
We fly, why cry? Our souls exposed, yeah
We smoke, we laugh, your stress, my stress
Closer than kin, I’m blessed, you blessed

The Carters

“What would I be without my friends?”

That’s a line Mrs. Carter herself — Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, to be exact — sings in a song off her and her hubs new album, “Everything is Love.” Have I been listening to this album ad nauseam, every day, on repeat? Yes. Is it a bit much? Yes. Am I going to stop anytime soon? No.


I LOVE the track “Friends” on Everything is Love…

nah. ya don’t.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m sure there are people who follow me that don’t know: I don’t drink.

Not a big deal — to me, anyway — because it’s for health reasons. I was at a doctor’s appointment recently and she asked me what my migraine triggers were, so I listed a few and then said, “Oh, and alcohol. Which is why I don’t drink.”

“Oh no! Well that stinks!” she responded.

Know what else “stinks?” Migraines! So I’d rather not have one of those.

The thing is, I have drank in the past, and you…

Ali Arnone

Sometimes writer. Born & raised New Yorker. Wannabe photographer. Social media junkie. Pop culture guru. Habitual line stepper.

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